Trump actually can make a valid point every now and then. Part 1: the election and voting

<Note that I began writing this before the inauguration, so the tense, etc., is incorrect in certain places; however, it’s still just as relevant then as it is now, and to be honest, I don’t feel like bothering change it, so here you go.>

Before the election Trump had been adamantly focused on the rigging of the presidential elections. 

This is true. 

Why do I think this? Well, let’s consider the 2016 candidates: Trump and Clinton. I mentioned in a previous post that rich, white male Republicans initially supporting Trump before primaries have been steadily withdrawing their support via media. Why would they act so surprised about Trump’s behavior? It’s not like he had a reality television show for years that very well revealed his thoughts on different topics, his behavior, his misogyny, his inability to not become over-emotional whenever any sort of conflict arises, and his overall mental and emotional instability. Oh, wait; he did! They knew exactly what they were doing. Bush was dumb, but not enough of a horrible, repugnant, loathsome creature for people to not vote for him. It was a test of supporters of the Republican party’s loyalty – sort of like dipping in a toe to gauge the water temperature before actually jumping into it. 

Now there’s Trump. They knew exactly what kind of person he was before putting him through primaries. Racists, sexists, and a group of conglomerate CEOs that is comprised of 99% white people at minimum, are using him in order to strengthen the foundation of the coming ‘we are no longer going to hide it because you are all complacent dumb-asses that will believe anything we tell you’ dictatorship. That’s right, one-party rule—unveiling of the fascist government that has been ruling since before the official establishment of the United States of America. You’re excited, right? No more saying we’re better than China because they have a single dictator. The difference, though, is that the Chinese people know the faces of their one-party dictators, but we don’t (willful ignorance). Ours are still hiding behind the revolving door of presidents. 

According to a large portion of RWBs, Hillary was always the only real candidate for presidency. That’s why I encouraged people to vote for Trump—even though voting is a cheap facade and I didn’t take part in it. Yes, in regards to this, I was a hypocrite! OMG! How could someone that didn’t bother to vote, or even register to vote, try to tell others to vote?!? Well, to that I have this answer: because that shit is rigged and it actually doesn’t matter whether people vote or not because it will always go the way the (now only the majority of  [explained later]) RWBC wants it to go

(Disclaimer: there will be times that while writing, I show my thought process instead of just writing the final thought)

Trump is the president-elect. He also has enough money to pay many, many people to betray others within the rich white boy club (RWBC) and sell their dirty, dirty secrets to him. Why do you think all of Hillary’s “classified information” just happened to continually be released throughout the year? The— slightly less vacuous—of the RWBC is terrified of Trump, so even though they wanted Hillary, Trump, a member of the RWBC, has information on most of them—with the remaining people on whom he doesn’t have information, he can just bribe a greedy ass, or someone he can blackmail, to get for him—and he has, at least in part, essentially blackmailed, extorted, and otherwise threatened or intimidated his way into the presidency. Think about it; Trump has admitted publicly that he has not filed his taxes in years. This is a federal offense, but yet no one has done anythingabsolutely no consequences. Now, he is replacing everyone with his “posse” (Go, go, gadget nepotism!), i.e., his children/family and his closest “friends”, so the irony is that those people that he threatened to blackmail, etc., into helping him get into the presidency are losing their jobs anyway. I bet they feel smart. I’m sure he didn’t get rid of all of those that he used, he can’t stab too many people in the back all at once because they’ll want to get together and take revenge. Oh, it’s coming. He’s turned on a few, and I’m sure they’re already secretly plotting revenge to take him down. For example, Hillary; she’s been eyeing the presidency since her husband was president. She was first beaten out by a ‘darkie’, and now she’s lost to a dumb-ass with too much money and power. I’m sure she is absolutely seething, and if she doesn’t have a stress-induced stroke or myocardial infarction within the next few months, that means that she is out for blood—Trump’s blood. On the other hand, since Trump has now changed his mind about pursuing the prosecution of Hillary; this could mean either one of two things: 1) He’s at least slightly afraid of possible revenge from Hillary, so now he’s trying to “play nice”, or 2) He’s recruited her to be on his team and he’ll soon be announcing her position on staff; either way, he’s trying to keep her from retaliating, irrespective of whether or not it’s a valid accusation. Hopefully she’s not stupid enough to fall for it. However, in the meantime, Trump is in the process of turning the white house and executive branches of the government into a reflection of his posse, or the dumber of the RWBC. 

With that said, Trump proposes to gut a significant portion of positions within the white house and executive branches of government. He wants the people to believe that he’s trying to reduce the monetary deficit by expunging superfluous positions, but the truth is that he simply wants to get rid of people that he doesn’t like or can’t trust, or that has openly expressed their profound loathing and disdain for him, i.e., he’s only keeping his “peeps” in his governmental/federal circle of dimwits. This is an exquisitely imprudent and all-around dumb-ass move, but unbelievably good for everyone not in the RWBC. Stating that these people who will be losing their jobs, (with the majority of people not being cabinet members or executive branch directors/heads) receive reduced pensions, forced to modify their retirement plans, and/or losing job security thanks to Trump will not be happy about it is an extremely grave and severe understatement. Vengeance will be theirs. One general, more than 95% of the time true, occurrence, will be the remaining undercover mole, or informant or intelligencer, if you will; there will be at least one person who has successfully cajoled Trump just enough to gain his trust and remain in his federal staff entourage, but whose actual purpose is to either gain enough information to deliver an irrevocable blow to Trump, or manipulate him and set him up to cause his own downfall. This person(s) will, as par for the course, be playing on team: ‘slightly less moronic’ RWBC. This, of course will take a little bit of time, and if he does appoint Hillary to a position, I definitely would not be surprised if she’s one of them; she’s so power-hungry that she practically foams at the mouth, so if she gets the chance, she will most likely take it—barring that she doesn’t have any (more) secrets that could cause irrevocable damage to her “career” that Trump could pay or blackmail people into releasing. 

Another benefit of this would be that every single member that he brings in as white house staff or part of the executive branches of government, are all faces of the RWBC that, to date, have been in hiding: oil conglomerate executives, large financial corporation executives, etc., you know, the basic multi-hundred millionaires or billionaires. Now, the nation, and the world, will get a good look at a sizeable portion of who has really been controlling the country, and thus, the “free world”. Of course, the indiscriminately, only slightly more intelligent of the RWBC (hereafter referred to as the sldRWBC) want no part in this because when these dumb-asses anger everyone except the non-Jewish white American rich male, they are going to go after the people whose names, faces, and associated companies, are exposed. They, I’m sure, are also trying to find a way to stop Trump. The more moronic of the RWBC (herein thus referred to as daRWBC) are so dumb and arrogant that they believe that they now have enough power to get away with anything—even in the public eye, and don’t need to hide anymore. They actually think they’ll get some sort of glory from this. It’s like when males buy huge trucks/wheels to try to compensate for their insecurities—usually the small penis thing…or the almost equally infamous short-guy complex. They want more power and attention. This will be their downfall, because now the RWBC, like the rest of the world’s people who have been gradually phased out of the ‘cool kids circle’ and thus leaving nothing but rich white boys, is divided. He’s even alienated rich Jewish males, who have only recently (relatively) come to be accepted as white. There are no other groups of people remaining to step on to gain more money and power; i.e., their only options are to turn on each other or to just be content with the billions of dollars and ridiculously exuberant amount of power and supremacy that they currently possess. However, we all know that they will never be content with what they have because money and power can’t eliminate insecurities, only exacerbate and further deepen them, leading to increased greed (not just applicable to rich people—think about it). Let the shit show begin, folks: the daRWB vs the sldRWB. It should be interesting, you know, until they destroy each other leaving the country and the rest of the world wondering what in the hell do we do now. Things will become exponentially worse before they get better, though, because you self-absorbed ignorants just absolutely refuse to even slightly loosen the death grip you have on your metaphorical (in)security blankets, i.e., things of this world that simultaneously enable, and manifest themselves as distractions from, your insecurities.

Now, let’s talk voting.

Aside from the usual media/mainstream biased news reporting and polling, there are many variations of election rigging occurring in presidential elections (note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, and that this is just as it pertains to national elections):

1) There is Republican hacking of electronic voting systems; in addition to the number of ballots “lost” after voting, rejected, uncounted from absentee citizens, or never cast because the person was in the “wrong precinct”, cases of the people’s ID name not matching their voter registration name exactly and the people’s registration never actually being processed or sent through too late have been increasing since the 2004 election, which Kerry actually won. The numbers are in the millions and explicitly target black (and increasingly Hispanic) voters, with occurrence being represented in a 9:1 black voter to white voter ratio. Off-site targeting is possible because there is a race-identifying box on the voter registration form. 

2) There has been a link found between companies affiliated with homeland security, i.e., the federal branch that controls the databases of information on people used to fight the “war on terror” and those poor, lazy Mexicans that keep crossing the border—I mean, immigration, and the databases controlling information on who’s a felon or has a suspect address, which was also exploited in previous elections to the benefit of the RWBC (mainly the Republicans). Black people with no (recorded) felonies all of a sudden had a record, and black military soldiers oversees were found to have “suspect” addresses. That’s right, companies i.e., RWBs, have the power to decide who has a criminal record with a few simple clicks. I’ll talk military later, as I have much to say on that topic. Aside from that, keep in mind that prisoners (held in privately owned RWB prisons, which are businesses, just like a financial corporation or McDonald’s; to be discussed further in a later post), and by extension, ex-convicts, are wildly disproportionately black Americans, meaning that most of them will never be able to vote.

3) FBI director (blast to the past—post, that is—where I discuss Hoover running the country while on his insecurity-compensating power-trip) James Comey’s ‘Hillary has more dirty secrets in emails’ diversion-baiting, and the people under him within the organization wasting time, not doing their purported “job”, but rather focusing on helping the Republican cause. I mean, what about all of those scary brown villains? Who was threatening them and invading their privacy while an apparently significant portion of the FBI was pushing “Trump for president”?

4) In regards to Russia “hacking” Hillary’s private email and releasing it on wikileaks: there was absolutely no hacking of such performed by any Russians, rather, someone on Clinton’s campaign team going behind her, obtaining her password, and then releasing it and crying “blame the Russians!!”, “Trump and Putin are friends!”, and “it’s a setup!”. While I seriously doubt the reality of it, if, by chance, the Russians were involved, their only part would have been buying the information from the person(s) on the campaign team who obtained the information. However, upon skimming briefly, I have come to the logical conclusion that the entire thing was just a planned distraction. Why? Well, as long as Hillary has been in the political game, do you honestly believe that that’s the worst that someone could’ve dug up on her? If you do, then you’re an idiot. She has much worse incriminating information on her that has been “destroyed” upon receipt because it was “technically” illegal and/or unscrupulously Machiavellian so a paper trail cannot be left. However, everyone should know by now that nothing that goes into the internet is ever really gone or destroyed… that’s right, never. She could’ve even helped to plan it herself because she wanted to show how, even though she’s been in politics for an excessively long time, she has not committed any severe or inhumane atrocities; thereby essentially saying ‘look, people, I’m not that bad; this is the worst that “they” could dig up on me’. Actually, the more I think about it and read, this latter option is the winner! Yep, definitely all planned by Hillary and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Democrats have been hate-baiting against Russia every chance they were given (its just that now that, since Republicans control the government, they had to let them in on the plan; thus, now they’re doing it together!), with reason being to garner national support of the stupids for world war 3…against Russia (and China, of course, and very likely North Korea as well—but I don’t have enough info on that to make a conclusion yet). Here I say, DON’T DO IT! IT’S A TRAP!! Meanwhile, I’m sure Putin is just over there laughing off his little “commie” ass at America’s latest antics. 

5) Gerrymandering 

6) Fake polling results. While it doesn’t directly affect voting, it is used to create a false sense of security for the people voting for the planned loser so that less people go to vote. It’s all a hoax. Even if they say that it’s based on statistics, the people polled to create those statistics are likely limited to the people working in their office at the time and the people in their immediate circle, which, if you’re unfamiliar with how statistics works, can in no possible way be anywhere near enough data to plausibly represent a population as large as that of the country’s population. These polling results are sometimes merely a direct reflection of who the reporting outlet wants to win the election. Then there are others who say that their results are based on early voting; this gross exaggeration is the closest to any semblance of accurate representation…while still being laughably inaccurate. However, media outlets may be where all of those “lost” early ballots are sent… okay, now I’m just being facetious. But, really, I don’t know about you people, but I’ve never been polled for anything—and that includes completely irrelevant and random street polls.

7) The electoral college is disproportionately biased to favor rural white areas as opposed to urban liberal or urban minority areas, or largely minority areas, in general. What this means is that the more populated states, which also happen to occupy more minorities, comparatively have an exceedingly smaller representation in the electoral college. For example, half of the population of California equates to the total population of several of the mainly white populated, largely rural states. However, if the difference is even one vote, then the votes of those over 15 million people do not matter. This allows the electoral vote to completely override, and essentially render absolutely futile, the popular vote. Hillary won the popular vote, but thanks to the electoral college, Trump won the election; this, and the fact that his brother in Florida rigged the state’s votes, is the reason that Bush was elected in 2000. This has only happened five times in history. The people in government writing legislation are fully aware of this little fact, and while it has been contested in the past, with a bill proposed that would amend the weights of the electoral college to make it substantially more logical and “fair”, being crushed under the feet of the RWBC within the government at the time, the rich, non-Jewish white males obviously as much as they could possibly circumvent, did not want anyone but the exceedingly daft and simple white trash to decide who is elected to national government positions. Furthermore, the electoral college is just an intermediary step as the actual votes that count are those of the electors, who are essentially random RWB friends or family of state politicians with the power to vote for whomever they please in at least twenty-four states, regardless of the state’s electoral college “majority” vote

These white trash people are most often, like their ability to think logically, extensively lacking any sort of wealth, i.e., they are extremely poor and extremely ignorant. For those that are unaware, being extremely ignorant, poor, and white always, without exception accompanies being an extreme racist/white supremacist. They also are so deluded that they still, against all logic and evidence that has always proven otherwise, actually believe that they are members of the (R)WBC; they don’t realize that, while they still, by pure virtue of being a white male, have inherent life perks, since the establishment of the USA, they’ve never been included in the RWBC, as they weren’t even able to vote if they didn’t own land; furthermore, they still feel that the freeing of the black slaves has ruined all of their work of trying to get into the RWBC (so that they could obtain knowledge of inner-workings secrets and many, many more privileges*), which, not so coincidentally, or surprisingly, happens to be the most obvious reason for them still possessing an extraordinarily deeply rooted hatred for black people. Of course, they also are upset that the other brown people are ‘taking their jobs’, and think that the only purpose of women is to marry them and cook, clean, and care for them like a good mommy would, and give birth to and raise their babies. These people already “tolerated” a half-negro being president, so they damned sure can’t tolerate a woman in office. Blasphemy! Sacrilege! Men don’t take orders from women! This country’s going to hell, but I won’t stand for it!—is what they were/are thinking. This, and ipso facto, Trump is saying what they have always been saying—which is also what the non-white trash average white people have actually never stopped thinking, and rich white people say behind closed doors—even though people have stopped listening to them because even other white people ignore white trash as if they don’t exist: ‘everyone that is not a non-Jewish white male is just an ignorant servant that is only alive so that they may have the honor of doing my bidding‘—is the reason they support him so vehemently… and in the absence of any sort of logic. 

Also, if you look through the history of the political parties, you’ll find that the platforms switched several times and has gradually changed over time, as is occurring now. If you pay attention, you’ll see that these changes have always immediately followed national unrest, or events leading to a significant portion of the population questioning policies, national protests, growing government mistrust, etc. Rephrasing it so that the kids in the back will get it: it’s merely another distraction

And speaking of distractions…

…in Part 2… 


  1. No one’s vote actually counts unless you are an elector/RWB, or are voting the way the majority (sldRWBC vs daRWBC) is voting. So, all of those people that “died so that you can vote” or “shed blood and tears”, particularly the black people, actually all died for absolutely nothing… except maybe for the amusement of the RWBC. Good job, black people—and females! So, with that said, I challenge you to summon that last flicker of logic that has been hidden away since you were a small child and had 99% of it figuratively (and maybe literally) beaten out of you and just stop wasting your damned time….seriously, people. I will most likely reiterate this in almost every post herein because you people just refuse to accept the truth, as society keeps implicitly and explicitly telling you otherwise multiple times a day every single day, but the (case-specific) truth is that YOU ARE NOT A SPECIAL INIMITABLE SNOWFLAKE WHOSE SINGLE VOTE WILL IMPACT THE COUNTRY. And as mentioned, your vote, along with the votes of others, is also worth nothing because the majority (or most unscrupulous and corrupt) RWBs are going to do whatever it takes to make sure that the person they want in office is “elected”. Just say no to meaningless bullshit. Stop playing their game; stop voting.
  2. Although the RWBs sometimes pretend as if their letting “the people”, or groups that they are oppressing, believe that they have made a difference or can if they “ask nicely” or whine long enough to become annoying, they haven’t. All of the things any of you think made a difference to subdue the RWBC have been allowed by them as part of their plan to keep you all from uprising. They have to throw you a bone every now and then to keep you dumb-asses in line, because they, as that uncle Sam draft poster states, need you… so that they can remain in, and gain more, power. It is not, nor has it ever been, about you, the people, and it will continue to only be about the self-absorbed RWBs and their damned fee-fees (insecurities and inferiority complexes) as long as there remains hierarchy, or a government. Let that marinate. 
  3. The human pyramid scheme is very close to reaching its quite narrow apex, which means that all this shit is about to come a-tumbling down because all that’s left are RWBs. Welcome to the shit show, where the ticket can be bought for the low, low price of your health and well-being… and your privacy, of course. 
  4. More on the impending world war 3, which has begun with them ordering that nerve gas attack on civilians as planned so that they (the American RWBs) won’t appear to have started the war when Russia attacks America(ns), in Part 2. However, as it seems they received the green light from their Russian counterparts, the war may begin before I can post Part 2.

*In regards to the exclusion of the vast majority of white people from the falsely perpetrated as all-inclusive white people club: the human pyramid scheme first developed by “white” male explorers thousands of years ago that initiated the creation of the social construct that is ‘race’, originally pretended to include all “white” people, which were originally melanin-deficient people from European countries, in addition to those from far North African (after their skin became lightened and the features of all the people changed, that is) and Middle Eastern countries such as Israel—most likely because they also were/are not melanin-proficient and have somewhat similar characteristics, i.e., the same insecurities, inferiority complexes, and political ambitions, in order to gather enough support to begin oppressing, brainwashing, and “conquering” the brown and East Asian peoples. As time passed, the self-appointed “white” people—of course with males designating themselves at the apex because they were/are the greediest, and the most self-absorbed and insecure of the species’ breed (it’s a fact; males are ridiculously more emotional and passive-aggressive than females; yes, contrary to what is purported by males, anger actually is an emotion; acknowledge it; explanation to come later)—at the top of the pyramid, gradually began “purging” groups of others and removing their honorable “white person” title after establishing themselves as the proverbial “top of the food chain”. As a direct result of their progressively amplified extremely deeply rooted inferiority complex(es), and thus subsequently progressively amplified greed, selfishness, and unquenchable thirst for power in a vain effort to overcompensate, this divide-and-conquer strategy that was, and still is, being employed, has come so far that it now only includes exclusively wealthy, white, non-Jewish North American and Western European males..and Russian males (i.e., as they are essentially in the same position, the reason for any “war-inducing” conflict would/has/will never be about saving some “poor, defenseless” (usually) brown people or the result of different nationalities/national policies). However, the low-to-average tax bracket white people in America haven’t yet come to terms with the fact, or are too stupid to realize, that they are not, nor never will be, members of the club, likely because they still reap some of the benefits such as the basics of white supremacy; this is only because their being ignored is relatively quite recent, as the “founding fathers” were poor, lazy, perpetually Bacchic, dumb-ass white boys, like themselves, who left England because they weren’t getting the respect that they thought they deserved and wanted to “conquer” and rule over people so that they could feel better about themselves… and drink as much tax-free whisky as they could possibly stomach, of course. Now, with the election of Trump as the president of the “free world”, the final members of the supremely exclusive white boy club, i.e., the extremely wealthy ones, will come the division, and ultimate self-destruction of all that is the white boy club; this will likely occur in the form of an implosion. Even so, as this will be an excruciatingly long process, and I’m impatient, I believe everyone should participate to help speed up the process. Why let the RWBs have all the fun…again… for the finale? Pishaw, I say!


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