Quickie: The GOP is executing global cyber attacks! 

I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to call ‘bullshit’.

GOP, the grand old party Republicans, right?…Oh, wait, the “Guardians of Peace”, is it? They are quite literally tattling on themselves because they know that they can do whatever they want and blame another “bad” country and you dumb-asses will believe them. 

North Korea is not responsible for the worldwide cyber/ malware attacks; they are not the Lazarus group. It is clearly the US testing their newest form of secret  warfare, as they’ve already mastered 1) the implementation of biological/chemical warfare, which is almost solely used in undeveloped countries with brown-skinned people, 2) weaponization of weather, the idea of which they seized from the Nazi’s and have been implementing since they tested one method during the Vietnam war; mostly used to keep brown people under their control and to retaliate and manipulate countries/ regional governments, and 3) space war, i.e., space satellites used to track and spy on anyone anywhere that can secretly destroy the space satellites of other countries (China and Russia, but mostly China). These are done daily, and not in defense; this is to be discussed in a later post. 

How do I know the US government is lying, you may ask.

1) This latest “WannaCry” malware attack didn’t implement language localization, but I checked media from other countries, and though there may have been one or two others, the only languages I found to have been used were English, German, and Korean. I can’t say much about the German language, but, although small grammatical errors and slightly awkward language were present, the English could not have been written by a North Korean with even less exposure to English than South Koreans; furthermore, publicly available translating software is essentially inept at translating between Korean or Japanese languages and English. Secondly, the Korean version was even more awkward than the English version. This means that the message was manually translated, and only into languages of people working on the malware that were able to speak them, and Korean, which was obviously not done by a native speaker. 

2) This attack was mainly targeted at European public institutions, with relatively not many instances of occurrence in the US. Kim Jong Eun has recently been stating how the US is threatening them and such, so if it were North Koreans, there would have been many, many more occurrences in the US. 

3) The FBI/US government won’t actually show any evidence of the “clear link” to North Korea. 

4) The US government and US cyber security companies, which are owned by RWBs, are always the first to point fingers… at North Korea. When you were a kid, there was that saying “whoever smelt it, dealt it!”, referring to whoever was the first to acknowledge the smell was the person that actually farted; they comment first to keep people from suspecting them. There’s also that kid, everyone knew at least one at some point in time, who, whenever he did something wrong, he was the first to speak up and blame it on someone else, and sometimes even go as far as planting the evidence, so that they didn’t get punished. This is the exact same thing.

5) Even they tend to use words such as “highly likely” when accusing North Korea. 

6) They said that they were able to trace ip addresses to North Korea infrastructure. How could they be sure it is North Korea infrastructure, unless they’ve hacked into North Korean infrastructure. Also, they said that they found these links because the North Koreans that created the program were “sloppy”. Okay, this is East Asia, people; I’ve seen and experienced first-hand the ridiculously anal-retentive nature of South Koreans, and how, because of the hierarchy, even small mistakes can lead to rather disproportionately harsh consequences… North Korea would not be “sloppy” if they wanted to conceal the fact that they were behind the cyber attacks/ threats.

7) The hacking software used as the foundation of a global attack was developed by the National Security Agency, and was just “coincidently” released to the public one month before this attack. The American executive branches of government, particularly the FBI, CIA, and especially the DoD (NSA) don’t let any type of information get out. They won’t even show the evidence. Do you really believe they’d let hacking software that could possibly be used against them be released to the public unless they have an agenda, such as to hack institutions on a global scale and blame another government in a propaganda scandal because ‘it has been released to the public, so it could’ve been anyone’???

8) The US is blaming anyone else; this almost always means that they did it, even if they indirectly manipulated or provoked those that they are blaming into doing it. 

The US is the real man behind the floating face with seemingly magical powers that is pretending to help people while doing nothing but being destructive and sadistic (reference to the Wizard of Oz), people. It’s time to get a good look behind the curtain; stop looking away

Think for yourself. Ask questions. Demand answers.


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