Trump actually can make a valid point every now and then. Part 2: Russia meddling & WW3 will be delayed

I just want to preface this post by stating that I will only explain why a post or posting is delayed if it has been tampered with. This is because I don’t care whether or not you want to read a new post once a week or once a month, as my one and only concern is my health and well-being, then I’m also constantly researching information to explain why this universe and everything in it has become, is, and is progressing as, the way it is (i.e., essentially, the answers to every possible question that could be asked about anything and everything), and then there’s the minimum amount of time that is currently possible (for me) that I have to spend serving the RWBC so that I can, you know, not starve to death (or slowly poison myself to death), because in the modern world, everyone is forced to serve the RWBs, who can only be described as follows: so unintelligent that they are literally incapable of learning basic survival skills that humans as animals absolutely need to not die, so, in an effort to force intellectual regression of everyone else to their (RWBs) own level, they force everyone else to either do everything for them (grow food; how to use food and herbs and spices to maintain health, heal, and cure illness; build houses; make clothes; etc.) as everyone else is forced to forget these basic survival skills and rely on technology, thereby losing their intuition and healthy life-sustaining information received from their ancestors and becoming a brain dead zombies who can’t live without the RWBC telling them what to do and when and how to do everything because they’re (RWBs) jealous that they are literally too dumb and incapable of anything except destruction; this is done so that they (RWBs) can eradicate their deeply rooted and innumerable inferiority complexes (news flash: it doesn’t work, it only exacerbates their insecurities because their reduced intelligence is also regressing, so the gap will never close). With that said, I will provide advanced notice if I discontinue posting or move to another website to prevent government puppets, such as WordPress, from tampering with my posts. 

Thus, I am uploading this post to announce that, as I was more than 85% done with the scheduled post that contained an extremely large amount of details and contents, this past evening I opened WordPress to find that the words of my draft, even the title, had been deleted— not the post, which could easily be recovered, but the contents. I am 100% sure that this was government ordered, as the contents revealed a substantial amount of accurate information and historic patterns that the government does not want people to piece together. Much of this information provided background information and clearly explained the completely predictable pattern that the U.S. follows to destabilize countries that don’t want to be their puppets (a few of which include Libya, Iraq, Laos, Afghanistan, Yemen, Cambodia, and many, many more) and place in a puppet leader (1: set up a military base, send in “aid” spreading the white boy insecurity virus, and destabilize; 2: spread propaganda, vilify, impose sanctions to make them so desperate that they attack, then destabilization; note: if the country isn’t that corrupt, they find a puppet to go in and destabilize the country in order to act out #2 [see Myanmar, because that situation is highly suspicious, as the whole situation just all of a sudden, with no significant violence from either side before the police office attacks, and the people living in Myanmar are all saying that it was outside Muslims that initiated the chaos now in question; the escalation of vilification of the country’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who to date had no history of supporting or initiating any type of violence, has very quickly become exceedingly fierce; also, she’s female, and everyone knows, that the white males feel exponentially more insecure when a female, especially if it’s a brown-skinned female, challenges their “authority” than when any male does… and several other reasons; I’m not saying I’m completely sure, but I am saying that what the media is portraying and the UN perpetuating is definitely not not extremely questionable]), how and why the U.S. is trying to destabilize northeast Asia by employing this tactic on North Korea so that they can flood in guns and narcotics, spread the white boy insecurity virus (WBI virus; an in-depth explanation, backed up by science, logic, and historic examples, for explicitly naming it as such will be provided in a later post), and instigate terrorism because northeast Asia is the only area left in the world where there is a barely negligible demand for guns, and why North Korea is actually just trying to not become another RWB puppet, as the RWBC destabilization tactic hasn’t yet failed, and doesn’t actually want to hurt anyone (and has been going out of their way to make sure that they don’t); they know that the U.S. could destroy the entire country with a single fleet of bomber aircrafts, and with their outdated military equipment and much smaller number of soldiers, North Korea is no actual  threat to anyone (exceptions: other North Koreans that have caught and are trying to spread the white boy insecurity virus in their country); thus, because they’ve tried trusting the U.S. several times in the past, ending in the U.S. not keeping their word of ceasing hostile behavior, vilification, and propaganda spreading, they’ve decided that the only possible way to not get swung around by the U.S. like a rag doll in the mouth of a rabid ravenous dog was to gain some leverage via nuclear weapons and missiles. The post also explained why  North Korea’s unchanging stance that the program is only for self-defense is completely valid and accurate, that the U.S. government is getting frustrated and desperate for the North to attack someone somewhere (they are actually the ones “begging for war”) or submit to the almighty and omnipotent god (i.e., themselves, the U.S. government)—both options ending in northeast Asia destabilization, and the only reason why the (non-government-affiliated) rest of the world, including the media, and with the exceptions of China and Russia, are supporting completely illogical and invalid vilification of North Korea: 

Because you want the destabilization of northeast Asia; you want them to have guns, experience terrorism and become terrorists so that you can either appease your own insecurities and inferiority complexes by seeing that now everyone in the entire world has become just as depraved and destructive as yourself, or so that you feel better because now no part of the world is safe from terrorism and not living in constant fear of it or of being shot when they go outside, like yourself, as it’s unfair that you have to live in fear and they don’t, or, you think that all non-white people should submit to the almighty and omnipotent one and only god (again, the RWBC-controlled U.S. government) because if they don’t, because they have proven, and consistently prove themselves to be, the most psychotic, destructive, and insanely volatile institution in the world, dissidents will feel the almighty wrath of god’s fire and fury! Acknowledge this and stop “believing” the U.S. government and media when they tell you that North Korea, the country that the U.S. has been avoiding dialogue with for nearly two decades, is the country that is crazy and evil. 

Of course the government doesn’t want the details and background information of the above information released to the public, but I will get to it. And to the government puppet asshole(s) that deleted the contents of my post: take a few seconds to remove your lips from the ass of your superior to relay this message: you. can’t. stop. me

To be continued…


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